Our People Make Us Who We Are

ERC, a thriving small business, is an engineering and scientific services firm providing independent assessment support, IT support, and operations and maintenance support to US Department of Defense, NASA, and commercial clients.

We work in many areas of advanced military and space research & development

Broad capabilities including GPS technology, telemetry systems, human factors, and more

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ERC has over 26 years of experience in working with the NASA, DOD, and other commercial customers

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ERC is a servant leadership oriented company where we believe our human capital is our best asset.

Our Culture 

What Our People are Saying:

"I would like to personally thank you guys for all the help in trying to find us a place to stay if we have to evacuate … thanks from all of us at Stennis, it is great to know that I work for a company that cares."

Jody Ladner, ERC TOC Group

"In my 25 years I have seen the companies come and go… I want you to know that I, for one, think ERC has been one of the best, if not the best, Flight Test has had."

 Barry Chandler, ERC FTD Group

"Just wanted to say thanks for the 20 years-of-service award I received last week.

I appreciate you expending the effort to develop this awards program, and also for taking the time to present me with the Certificate and Swiss Army Watch. What an awesome way to be recognized for service on this contract!… I can't think of a better place to work."

Larry Beggs, ERC FTD Group

Recent News:

Halloween Cruise 2015 with some TOSC folks

When you work just a few miles from where the cruise ships depart, why not take a cruise for Halloween?  That’s just what some of the employees at TOSC did just a few weeks ago…and you’ll also see that ERC’s President and First Lady, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Frame, joined in on the fun!    

Veterans Day and what it means to me – by Jacin Durham, MSTD

When I first joined the Army in 1966 the Vietnam Conflict/War was waging (take your pick, it was war to those in the military who were there and even those who didn’t have to go). There were many times I remember getting off a plane in an airport, we had to wear uniforms on the planes to ride at a reduced rate called “Standby”, there would be small crowds which formed along our path. You would hear shouts of “Murderers”, ” Baby Killers”, “War Mongers”; and various other things that a young man who serves his country should never have to hear. I never saw a bad retaliation from a…

The WSTF ERC Family comes together to feed the hungry

(Pictured left to right: Seth Perez, ERC; Lorenzo Alba, Casa de Peregrinos; Audrey Hartley, Jardin De Los Ninos; Lucinda Havenor, ERC and Darrell Shoup -“The Boss” – ERC) Each year, ERC employees at many of our locations participate in the Feds Feed Families Food Drive. This year WSTF-ERC approached the program differently from previous years. Instead of seeking hundreds of pounds of food donated, the team instead would raise dollars for the Feds Feed Families campaign. ERC brought forward a challenge to the team:  if we raised $1,000, our corporate ERC family would join in to match $1,000. As always, the WSTF-ERC team was up for the challenge! The team went to work to raise an…