10th Annual ERC Bass Tournament

When: Saturday, May 12, 2018 from Safelight until 2:00 p.m.

Where: Carrol B. Hudson Recreation Area, Redstone Arsenal

Entry fee: $20 per boat; $5 per individual for Big Fish (optional).  Entry fee shall be paid the morning of the tournament, but you must register NOW (click the “SIGN UP NOW” button above).  All boaters must be checked in with fees paid by 5:30 a.m. the morning of the tournament in order to participate.

Fun or Serious?: Many have asked if this tournament is geared towards serious bass fishermen or folks that just fish casually. We want participation from serious bass fishermen, but we also want participation from folks that have never been in a fishing tournament. In other words, we want to have fun. We will have rules, weigh fish appropriately, and distribute prize money, but we will not follow the formality of a BASS-sanctioned tournament. This is an opportunity to get ERC, Aerie Aerospace, and Aetos folks and their friends and families together for some outdoor recreation.

Who can participate: All ERC, Aerie Aerospace, and Aetos employees. Employees are allowed to invite family members, friends, and co-workers (to include Government and Military). Applicants who register as “without boat” must be at least 16 years old. TWO PEOPLE PER BOAT.

Allowable status: You can register (1) with boat and partner; OR (2) with boat and no partner; OR (3) without boat. There is a strong likelihood we will have some applicants without boats. We encourage (but do not require) applicants with boats to register with no partner to maximize the participation of non-boat owners.

Prizes: 100% of the entry fee funds will go to prize money. We will pay out to the 1st through 4th places with the following distribution:

1st Place Boat: 45% of prize money pool

2nd Place Boat: 30% of prize money pool

3rd Place Boat: 15% of prize money pool

4th Place Boat: 10% of prize money pool

Big fish: Individual who catches the heaviest fish wins the entire Big Fish Pool

For example, if we end up with 50 fishermen (25 boats) the prize money pool would be $500. The first place boat would receive 40% of 500, or $200. If 30 fishermen chose to participate in the Big Fish pool, the Big Fish winner would get $150 (30 entries at $5 per entry).

There will also be ERC and Aerie Aerospace provided door prizes distributed at the 2:00 p.m. weigh-in for tournament participants.

Registration Deadline is May 9, 2018. Those who register with the status “with boat and partner” or “with boat and no partner” will be guaranteed in the tournament. Those who register with the status “without boat” will be placed in a lottery pool and randomly/blindly drawn by tournament director (Ryan Noe) to match up an equal number of “with boat and no partner” applicants and “without boat” applicants. For example, if 20 people register as “with boat and no partner,” and 30 register as “without boat,” then the 30 “without boat” applicants will be placed in the lottery pool.  On May 9th, 20 of the 30 registrants in the pool will be selected, then randomly paired with the 20 “with boat and no partner “applicants.  The 10 registrants that were not drawn would not be able to fish the tournament this year.