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ERC provides R&D support, independent assessment support, test and evaluation support, IT support, and operations & maintenance support to customers from the US Department of Defense, NASA, and the commercial sector. A brief overview of our support to a portion of our customer base is provided below.

MSTD - Missile and Sensors Test Directorate
Redstone Test Center (RTC), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

ERC tests, evaluates, and analyzes aircraft and missile systems, assemblies, subassemblies, components, and associated equipment for the Missile Flight Test Division, the Field Sensors Test Division, and the Telemetry and Data Management Test Division of the RTC Missle and Sensors Test Directorate (MSTD). ERC designs, fabricates, installs, and preserves test setups; completes maintenance of data and inventory records of equipment and property; gauges calibration and verification to the MSTD; operates Government test and ancillary equipment for the test and evaluation effort to accomplish data reduction, analysis, and management; and supports test article instrumentation, telemetry, and document test efforts. ERC designs, develops, fabricates, modifies, installs, checks out, troubleshoots, and demonstrates automated electronic test data storage/archival systems, test data distribution networks, and test data analysis systems.


Firing Test Division
RPS - Research in Propulsion Sciences
Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL), Edwards Air Force Base, California

ERC conducts scientific and engineering research, development, and testing in propulsion sciences (thermodynamics, structures, combustion, fluid flows, chemistry, propellants, materials, plasma devices, missile components/systems, etc.) for the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Propulsion Directorate. ERC performs all aspects of applied research and development including analysis, design, systems integration, fabrication, test planning, experimental methods, experiment conduct, and data analysis and interpretation. Research includes development of new propellants, production and characterization of high temperature materials, and investigation of combustion and aero-thermodynamic processes.

Research in Propulsion Sciences
ESSSA - Engineering and Science Services and Skills Augmentation
Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Huntsville, Alabama

The prime contract provides center-wide engineering, science, and technical support services at Marshall Space Flight Center and other NASA sites. ERC's scope encompasses both advanced theoretical and "metal bending" tasks in research, engineering, fabrication, testing, mission evaluation, facility development and sustainment, and several other types of technical support. Our efforts include developing innovative technologies for propulsion and guidance control systems; International Space Station environmental control and life support systems; and progressive flight mechanisms for microgravity experiments and payloads. ESSSA also supports the critical development of NASA's Space Launch System (SLS), throughout its development and production.
Engineering, Science and Technical Support
STRAD – Space Technology Research and Development
Ames Research Center (ARC), Moffett Field, California

ERC provides multidisciplinary engineering research and development support to the Space Technology Division at NASA Ames Research Center to carry out their varied research programs. We support our customer’s major objective, which is the development of technologies for use in the design and fabrication of prototype vehicles that travel at hypervelocities in the atmosphere of Earth and other bodies in the solar system. Other projects include NASA missions in nanotechnology, advanced materials, sensors, and devices. We perform services in the following areas: project management, systems engineering, research and analysis, design and development, testing, computer modeling, technical writing, facility management and operation, administrative support, computer system administration, and other administrative functions necessary to complete projects.
Engineering, Science and Technical Support
MSFC Calibration Laboratory
Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Huntsville, Alabama

ERC supports MSFC's Calibration Laboratory performing instrument calibration, repair, standard maintenance, and certification, as well as operation and maintenance of calibration systems. ERC also supports the physical, mechanical, and temperature sections of the laboratory. ERC has responsibility for engineering, quality, safety, pick-up and delivery, procedure development, and all calibration. ERC generates procurement requests for all items that are shipped off-site for calibration and any new equipment as required.


Propellants, Pressurants and Calibration
METTS - Marshall Engineering Technicians and Trades Support
Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Huntsville, Alabama

ERC provides MSFC engineering technicians and other trade skills to execute a wide variety of testing; ground and space based research; test operations; data analysis; machine and electrical shop operations; and other technical activities. Specifically, ERC provides support in the areas of materials testing, environmental testing, experimental fluid dynamics testing, structural testing, fabrication and assembly of R&D space flight and associated hardware, electrical fabrication, test and assembly, calibration, space environmental effects testing, soil moisture testing, Environmental Gas Lab support, CAD drawing, optics support, tool crib operations and trade services.

  Research Operation Support Services
TEST - Test and Evaluation Support Team
White Sands Test Facility (WSTF), Las Cruces, New Mexico

NASA's White Sands Test Facility specializes in testing and evaluation of potentially hazardous materials, components, and rocket propulsion systems with services available to other governmental and commercial customers. ERC supports materials and components testing, propulsion testing, depot level repair of flight hardware, and maintenance and repair of the test systems required for these activities. Contract activities include: test system safety, quality assurance, technical training, precision cleaning and fluid component refurbishment, calibration, machining and welding, maintenance of special personal protective equipment, photo and video, electronic and audio-visual equipment maintenance, and technical editing.

White Sands Test Facility
JETS - JSC Engineering Technology and Science
Johnson Space Center (JSC), Houston, Texas

ERC supports Johnson Space Flight Center's engineering, and other technical directorates, in support of their missions. The Engineering Directorate provides products and technical services related to human operations in space through development and integration of a broad spectrum of engineering requirements. This includes providing technical expertise, investigative and analytical skills, and program experience. Co-location of laboratories, test, simulation, and manufacturing facilities provides for: Human Spacecraft Flight and Flight Development products; Human Exploration Mission Planning for the Agency; Institution Support Services; Technology Development, Application, and Transfer. ERC provides personnel in support of all program activities, including research, analysis, design, development, test and evaluation, facilities management, and other technical services.

Engineering and Science Support
PSD - Propulsion Components, Propellants, and Instrumentation Development and Evaluation
Technical Support for Propulsion & Structures Directorate (AMRDEC), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

ERC provides propulsion mechanics, propulsion system test and evaluation, propulsion research, and related systems engineering. ERC supports Government scientists and engineers in solid, liquid, and gel propellant formulation, processing, and testing and equipment maintenance; electrical, structural, engineering, and ballistic tests, analysis, and hardware integration; computer hardware integration and programming; and performance of service life testing and analysis.

Propulsion Components, Propellants and Instrumentation
TOSC - Test and Operations Support Contract
Kennedy Space Center, Florida

This contract supports flight hardware processing, ground systems, logistics, and launch operations services at Kennedy Space Center for both developmental and operational missions. The scope of work includes supporting NASA programs such as Space Launch System (SLS), Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), and the International Space Station (ISS) and in the future will include private space initiatives as Kennedy transitions to a multiple-user, 21st Century launch facility. ERC personnel operate within the Jacobs integrated team, which also includes Aerodyne.

Test and Operations Contract
ROSS - Research Operation Support Services
Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL),Edwards Air Force Base, California

The Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) test facilities perform static firings of rocket motors ranging in size from small reaction control system thrusters to Titan stages, with some firings conducted in atmospheric chambers to simulate conditions in space. ERC provides technical and engineering support for design, construction, reconfiguration, modification, and maintenance of these experimental propulsion research facilities and infrastructure, including propellant handling systems, vacuum and pressure chambers, industrial and process gas systems, electrical systems, mechanical structures, hydraulics, instrumentation, and data acquisition/control systems. ERC personnel fabricate, modify, install, make operational and maintain specialized hardware to adapt test systems to specific test articles and/or to provide new capabilities required by specific projects. ERC also supports safety and environmental management functions, including responsibility for operating the Safety Operations Control (SOC) Center and the AFRL Hazardous Materials Pharmacy.
  Research Operation Support Services
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