January 2016: CDP Award – ERC was awarded the Redstone Test Center (RTC) Climatic, Dynamic, and Propulsion Test Support Services contract. ERC will provide engineering and test and evaluation services for the Environmental and Component Test Directorate (ECTD). Our personnel will manage and test aviation and ground equipment in environmental chambers to MIL-STD specifications for multiple environmental factors. We will also provide dynamics support for the dynamic testing within ECTD to include vibration testing and analysis.

April 20, 2016: TEST 2 Award –As a major subcontractor to Jacobs on the Test Evaluation and Support Team 2 (TEST 2) contract at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility (WSTF), ERC will provide support to all current and future NASA programs for space transportation and human space flight, as well as other Federal agencies and commercial customers. This includes services in the areas of propulsion system testing, materials and components testing; hypervelocity impact testing; critical flight hardware processing and refurbishment; composite pressure system testing and analysis; operation and maintenance of on-site laboratories and facilities, and emergency services.