August 2017: ESSCA Award – ERC will continue its support to Marshall Space Flight Center with the award of the Engineering Services and Science Capability Augmentation (ESSCA) contract to the Jacobs Technology Team. ESSCA is a follow-on to the ESSSA contract and its predecessor, ESTS. ERC has been a team member on these efforts since 2001. The new contract has an eight-year duration, extending our engineering support to Marshall Space Flight Center to 2025!

August 2017: IRES Award – ERC extends its support to Colorado Springs, CO and expands its Huntsville, AL support with the award of the Integrated Research and Development for Integrated Solutions (IRES) contract to the Jacobs Technology Inc. ERC is the major subcontractor partner to Jacobs on this national security-centric contract supporting the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA’s) Missile Defense Integration and Operations Center (MDIOC) mission execution platform and enterprise communications and information technology (IT) environment.

August 2017: SEMATS 2 Award – ERC was awarded the Seek Eagle Modeling, Analysis, Tools Support 2 (SEMATS 2) contract at Eglin Air Force Base near Fort Walton Beach, FL. Under the SEMATS contract, ERC will serve as the engineering and technical support contractor for the Seek Eagle Program Office, the Air Force’s organization responsible for managing all store certification activities (i.e., ensuring proper separation of missiles and other appendages from aviation platforms).

June 2017: RWESS Award – ERC was awarded the Redstone Test Center Wide Engineering and Support Services (RWESS) contract. ERC will provide engineering and test and evaluation services across all Directorates and Divisions to include: Mission Specialty areas of Aviation, Missile and Sensors, and Environmental and Component Test and Evaluation; Engineering, Scientific, and Technical Support; and Test Range Facility, Equipment, Logistics, Environmental and Safety Operations and Support.