Bronze Eagle Flying Club

ERC has been a proud sponsor of the Bronze Eagles Flying Club of Houston, TX for many years.  Our very own Darryl Smith, ERC’s Program Manager for the JETS contract, is a skilled pilot with a passion for flying.  As a member of the Bronze Eagles Flying Club, Darryl passes along that passion for flying and aviation to teenagers by participating in the annual Les Morris Flight Academy.

The Flight Academy is a joint venture between the Black Pilots of America (BPA), Bronze Eagles Flying Club, and Texas Southern University.  At the Academy, teens from all over the United States have the opportunity to learn about flying in the classroom…and in the friendly skies!  Each student receives at least 10 hours of flying time and 40 hours of ground school.  A recent graduate of the Flight Academy recently joined the Air Force to serve our country…all because of the passion of flying that came to life at this event.

In addition to the Flight Academy, the Bronze Eagles Flying Club and the Black Pilots of America host the annual Dr. Jesse D. Hayes Fly-In for children of all ages in the Houston area.  At the event, BPA members take children for a flight in their personal airplanes.  For many of the kids, this is the only opportunity they will ever have to fly in an airplane.  You can truly feel the excitement in the air as the children board the aircraft!  After their flight, the participants are given a tour of the Control Tower so they can see first-hand what happens behind the scenes to make each take-off and landing safe for all air traffic in the area.

The ERC family is proud of Darryl for giving so many children the opportunity to experience the exciting world of aviation!  Click on the link below to enjoy a great news story on this year’s Flight Academy:

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