Conflict of Interest

ERC deliberately maintains a business disposition that absolutely minimizes our susceptibility to exclusion from services contracts due to Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI). 

In the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry, contracting can be partitioned into two general categories: (1) product development and (2) support services. Many A&D contracting firms have business bases dominated by one category or the other, while some companies choose to pursue business equally in both categories. Maintaining a business portfolio with both product development and support services is generally not problematic. However, for some Federal Government A&D support services contracts, where the contractor is responsible for aiding and assisting the Government client in mission critical programmatic decisions, real and perceived OCI concerns arise.

ERC has an uncompromising commitment to maintaining a support services-only business base. Consequently, when our Federal Government clients ask us to provide engineering and technical judgment to them for their programmatic decisions, we can provide our service without real or perceived biases because we do not act as a product development contractor, nor a 2nd or 3rd tier subcontractor to any product development prime contractor. Additionally, we have intentionally avoided corporate alliances with any major A&D product development contractor to ensure we have no real or perceived biases when we serve our Federal Government clients in independent assessment roles evaluating A&D product development contractors' systems' performance.