Core Competencies

ERC provides services that span the lifecycles of the systems we support. Our broadest capabilities include:

A&AS/SETA Support

ERC provides engineering oversight to acquisition programs such as next-generation space vehicles and weapons systems, including the development and operation of advanced test systems.

Research and Development

Our scientists and senior engineers conduct R&D for pre-acquisition programs, such as propulsion mechanics and propulsion system evaluation, space vehicle design, complex aerodynamics, materials science, and experimental fluid dynamics, and human factors.

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineers support the design and management of developmental weapons systems, space vehicles, and test equipment. We work with our customers to plan complex, long-term engineering projects, including NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), Commercial Crew and Cargo programs, and advanced DoD weapons and vehicle systems.

Test and Evaluation Support

ERC supports developmental test activities for virtually all of our US Army, US Air Force, and NASA customers, including test planning, setup, conduct, and post-test data processing. We design and build unique data acquisition systems to meet specific customer needs.

Complex Systems Operation and Maintenance

We operate and maintain systems, such as the one-of-a-kind mobile transporter at Kennedy Space Center, as well as a number of advanced facilities across the country that support weapon and space system test and verification. Across our contracts, we maintain, upgrade, and repurpose existing systems to support the development of future space and weapon programs. We support multi-user war games events from planning and testing to execution.

IT, Software Support, and Network Administration

Our advanced IT capabilities are employed when projects demand supercomputing resources; tailored Modeling and Simulation applications; management of wide-band data processing; and sophisticated data sampling, data compression, and cloud and data analytics. We also provide help desk support and network administration for both classified and unclassified networks.