Happy Fall!

Fall is off to a good start at ERC!

Several folks from AFTD (RWESS) attend training session: 

3 ERC flight test engineers attend a short course at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School at NAS Patuxent River, MD.   The project aircraft was a Howard DGA-15P, flying from the St. Mary’s County Regional Airport.  Each took turns in separate flights, on the controls and observing flight test techniques, and spent approximately an hour in the air for each flight.
They all enjoyed the class and the opportunity to gain more insight to do their best to support our customers at RTC and to support the warfighter.

Group picture includes ERC employees Buck Poerio ( 5th from right),  Tony Vahle (3 from right),  Bailee Irvin (2nd from right).  Middle picture shows Buck Poerio, Theresa Wesson and Bailee Irvin.

Huntsville/Madison County Leadership Connect Program: 

Ruby Stevens, ERC HQ Business Development, is a current member of Connect, the young professional leadership program offered by the Huntsville/Madison County Leadership Office.  The program features 5 monthly program days that focus on various aspects of our community.  This past program day was: The Value of Public Service.
According to Ruby, “the goal was to place us in real life scenarios to help us understand what first responders have to deal with on a daily basis. In one activity, we were tasked with suiting up in firefighter gear, and completing an obstacle course one by one that consisted of chopping wood, crawling through a 36 inch tube, utilizing a fire hose, other strenuous exercises. As a result of this activity, I have gained a greater appreciation for firefighters and the work they do to keep society safe.”

Thank you Ruby for representing ERC in this Leadership program!

Halloween Fun – the ERC way!  

We had a fun Halloween celebration at HQ, and so did some of the folks at RPS!  Yep, it’s fun to cut loose sometimes!

Perfect day for a Shrimp Boil! 

The ERC family at ESSCA (MSFC) gathered together on a beautiful Fall day to enjoy some good fellowship, recognize a few ERC employees with milestone service awards and enjoy an shrimp boil!  We do some good eating at all of our ERC locations!