Huntsville Metro Area Relay for Life Event

Over the past few months some ERC employees in the Huntsville area have been working hard to raise funds for the Huntsville Relay for Life event. Stacy Riley, Matt Matoushek, and Randy Stevens captained and spearheaded the fundraising events for the Huntsville ERC team, and set a goal to raisePicture 1569[3] $10,000. With the help of a few cookouts, our expert BBQ Chef, Kody Henley, and an awesome group of ERC volunteers, we were able to not only reach, but exceed, our goal. In the end, the ERC team raised over $13,000 to help fund cancer research and hopefully get closer to finding a cure. On top of the ERC’s team fundraising, many of our ERC employees attended the Huntsville Relay for Life event, where ERC continued to support and fundraise, with the help of Starbucks coffee, until 3am, when the relay had to shut down because of weather moving into the area. During the event, Matt Matoushek, Josh Doedtman, and Mitch Atchely took to the track in drag to see who could win Mr. Relay! Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, last years Mr. Relay, Matt Matoushek aka Matilda, was dethroned by Josh Doetdman aka Celestial Delight. Along with the Mr. Relay event, ERC competed in two other events, which went alog with the “Slumber Party” tphoto 4[1]heme for the evenin. ERC’s tent won the best campsite design award and ERC also took home awards for Mr. and Mrs. PJ. The night was a great success and we hope to grow our team each year from now on to support this worthy cause. In addition to the ERC Huntsville Relay for life team, a group of ERC employees from Arab, AL raised money for another Relay for Life event held in Guntersville, AL. Amber Covert, Josh Doedtman, and Mitch Atchley, with the team name of “fiERCe Fighters,” led this group in raising over $3,000. Amber, Josh, and Mitch all work at the Missile Flight Range on ERC’s Redstone Test Center Contract, where Matt Matoushek is the site supervisor. When Matt found out that Amber, Josh, and Mitch were working to raise money, he proposed a bet that if they, as a group, raised more than he did individually, he would shave his head. When the Missile Flight Civil Servant Chief, Walter Ruh, found out about this bet, he upped the ante: if they raised twice as much money as Matt did, he would shave his head. This all led to a friendly and beneficial competition where friends, family, and coworkers, both civil servants and contractors, donated money to make sure they saw heads shaved. As you can see from the pictures below, both Matt and Walter “lost” the bet, but we all know they won, because they both did this to raise awareness and donations. We all need to remember that individuals diagnosed witPicture 1578[12]h cancer do not have the choice to shave their heads, since unfortunately the treatment causes them to lose their hair. More power to you two gentlemen, on behalf of the ERC family, we thank you! A big thanks also to all the employees, family members, and other individuals who helped make this year so successful. We hope to see you back out there next year!