Redstone Test Center (RTC), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

Missile and Sensors Test Directorate – 

As part of the RTC center of excellence of missiles, aviation and sensor testing, ERC provides state of the art developmental test capabilities by testing, evaluating, and analyzing aircraft and missile systems, assemblies, subassemblies, components, and associated equipment for the Missile Flight Test Division, the Field Sensors Test Division, and the Telemetry and Data Management Test Division of the RTC Missile and Sensors Test Directorate (MSTD). ERC designs, fabricates, installs, and preserves test setups; completes maintenance of data and inventory records of equipment and property; gauges calibration and verification to the MSTD; operates Government test and ancillary equipment for the test and evaluation effort to accomplish data reduction, analysis, and management; and supports test article instrumentation, telemetry, and document test efforts. ERC designs, develops, fabricates, modifies, installs, checks out, troubleshoots, and demonstrates automated electronic test data storage/archival systems, test data distribution networks, and test data analysis systems.