Our Culture

Our purpose as a company is to significantly enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families.

We feel that when we take care of and enable our employees, we help them do their best work for our customers. We strive to do the right things, and act with thought, courtesy, respect, care, and warmth. ERC also believes that getting better every day is a keystone to the success of our people.

ERC is a servant leadership oriented company where we believe our human capital is our best asset. We support our employees with programs that enable them to be the best at what they do. We believe that our culture brings out the best performance in our people, which allows them to provide best of class service to our customers. Our Mission Statement was deliberately designed to support this culture in everything we do.


ERC Mission Statement

Our GOAL at ERC is to raise the Standard of Excellence and transform this industry in the form of how we service our clients by consistently delivering BEST OF CLASS performance in a professional manner, while at the same time, being a company that is enjoyable and easy to work for and with.

Through our strong cultural alignment, ERC achieves this GOAL by consistently operating with total integrity in following the value added business strategies shown below:

  1. Significantly enhance the quality of life for our employees and their families, by taking care of and enabling our employees through employee development programs, strong recognition of accomplishments, and respect for all.  This results in our employees confidently doing their best for our customers.
  2. By close insight and collaboration, between our Executive Team and our Client Interface Teams, we ensure any issues or performance related concerns are addressed and corrected quickly.
  3. ERC embraces the philosophy of taking responsibility for the stewardship of the contractor workforce.  We invest in our people so they may be better equipped to fit the current and future needs of our clients, providing our clients with a continuously improving workforce.
  4. Embrace a win-win philosophy in building a relationship with our clients, suppliers, staff, and business partners by taking ownership of each and every relationship for a positive outcome for all.
  5. We view our proposals, in response to government RFPs, as the best contract execution plans and have the intent, experience, and commitment to execute these plans to the fullest extent.

ERC believes that with our competent, trained, and highly motivated work force, utilizing best processes that are efficiently tailored to specific contracts and work environments, and applying the appropriate technology,

We Deliver Best of Class Performance

ERC University Dean, Simone Calvert, with a Purpose-Driven Leadership graduating class.
ERC University Dean, Simone Calvert, with a Purpose-Driven Leadership graduating class.