Silver Snoopy Sweep for ERC at TOSC!

…from the TOSC Times, May 2017 issue:

It was a quarternity of the highest accord as ERC swept top honors with four Silver Snoopy recipients during the Kennedy Space Center Awards Banquets held Friday, April 21, 2017.

Known simply as the “Astronauts Personal Achievement Award,” to earn a Silver Snoopy, candidates must make contributions “toward enhancing the probability of mission success or made improvements in design, administrative/technical/production techniques, business systems, flight and/or systems safety or identification and correction or preventive action for errors.”

Veteran astronaut Butch Wilmore, who flew aboard the Russian Soyuz rocket as a member of Expedition 41 and was pilot of STS-129, presented each recipient with the legendary Snoopy pin, along with a certificate. Bob Cabana, the tenth director of KSC and veteran of four Space Shuttle missions, was also on hand for the presentation.

The achievements of Brian Johnson, a Test Project Engineer, Keith Lawton, a Scheduler, and Logistics Support Specialist, Susan Knudson, were documented in our March and April issues, but John Wilkas was not previously recognized.

ERC Silver Snoopy team

John, an Electrical Systems Engineer, went above and beyond his normal duties by identifying and providing re-al-time solutions that enabled the Environmental Control Subsystem (ECS) to accomplish a major milestone for SLS EM-1 preparations.

In addition to developing the Firing Room Command and Controls for the functional remote operation of the mini-Portable Purge Units (12 complex displays and more than 1,000 Compact Unique Identifiers and Application Control Scripts), John navigated through more than 10,000 lines of vendor code to provide real-time solutions for the project.

Since May 2014, 20 members of the TOSC Team have been honored with the prestigious award.

Congrats to Brian, Keith, Susan and John!