So much to share!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around all of our ERC locations!  Here’s a spotlight on some recent happenings.

Thanks to Van Chatraw and Lisa O’Neal from ETSS for organizing an awesome night at the new Atlanta Braves baseball stadium!  ERC chartered 2 busses to take us to the game and it was oh so fun!


Several ERC and Aerie employees receive awards at KSC!

The people who were recognized were left to right, Richard Steen from Aerie.  From ERC were Yohon Lo, Kevin Taylor, John Kracsun, Rocky Bierman, and Rick Acevedo. Mike Toner from ERC, the Group Manager for Electrical Systems Engineering on TOSC, was on hand to help present the awards.  Congratulations!









In this week’s TOSC Times, several ERC employees were recognized for their work at Kennedy Space Center.  The full pdf will be sent to all via email.

ERC wins 4th place!

This past Friday, a group from ERC TOSC went to the Top 100 Companies luncheon to find out if we had placed…and we won 4th place in the large business category!  This award speaks to the heart and soul of our company = our people!  Congratulations to Jane Reutt, Terry Berman, the senior management team and all of the PFCs that help to create and maintain our family culture at ERC TOSC!



The eclipse at HQ!

We couldn’t let this day pass without checking out the eclipse!  Although we weren’t in the path of totality, we did get 97% and that was pretty awesome!