Super Caleb 5K/1Mile RunWalk

KSC1On Saturday, December 20, 2015, over 200 ERC Employees, family, friends and local residents participated in the Super Caleb 5K/1Mile RunWalk held at the Chain of Lakes in Titusville, FL. This was a fundraising RunWalk to raise money to help cover expenses for Super Caleb Horvath; the grandson of Brett Raulerson, and ERC employee, who works in Florida on the TOSC contract. Caleb Horvath is an extremely vibrant and strong-willed three-year-old who has stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer. Day in and day out, Caleb amazes those around him as he fights this foreign enemy in his small body with the attitude of a super hero.

KSC2The Super Caleb RunWalk started at 8:00AM on a gorgeous day and fantastic course that meandered through nature trails and a park-like atmosphere. The course consisted of a combination of tree canopy covered cross-country trails, crushed rock paths, open grass fields and asphalt. The race also included traversing several foot bridges that provided breath-taking views of all the lakes and water-ways in the area. The race conditions were perfect – temperatures in the mid 60’s at race start, and warming to the mid-70’s through the day. Skies were sunny and clear, and the trails were dry, well-marked and well-maintained. Super Caleb led the race on a family scooter driven by Nick Horvath, Caleb’s Dad. After crossing the finish line first, smiling from ear to ear, Caleb stood giving high-fives to all who followed. Caleb is a real inspiration to everyone.

The ERC contingent of runners/walkers included TOSC Teammate Principal Jane Reutt, and Deputy Teammate Principal Terry Berman, along with Myhra Tubridy, Gary Moffett, Mike Toner, Val Armour, Sharon Russell, Mark Tripp, Lisa Chapman, Amy Petitt, John Godke, Kevin Berry, Lee Zook, and Brett Raulerson. We also had many other family members that participated: Kathy Godke, Michael Reutt, Christopher Reutt, Kimberly Reutt, Pete Reutt, Melinda Berman, Leigh Zook, and Susanne Raulerson. (Hope we didn’t miss anyone)

The nickname ‘Super Caleb’ began on his first day in the hospital when he was wearing a Superman t-shirt, as a lot of kids do, and a nurse came in to administer a drug.  She saw the t-shirt and immediately referred to him as Super Caleb and told him the medicine would increase his super powers.   That moment started an avalanche of people bringing everything they could find with the Superman logo, shirts, bed sheets, hats, toys and more. Days later, a Facebook Community page entitled ‘Super Caleb’ was initiated by a family friend and soon the family was being contacted by well-wishers from near and far. The family says they have been blessed by so many people and organizations that have found themselves moved by Caleb’s fight; it really is humbling and they will be forever thankful.  Caleb has had three scans since the start of the treatment and all were clear, so other than fighting some of the side effects of the therapy, all is going well.


Super Caleb with his parents

The Race Director Hannah Horvath (Caleb’s Aunt) reported that the Super Caleb 5k/1Mile RunWalk was EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL, and they had an EXCELLENT turn-out, thanks in part to all the ERC and TOSC employees who participated, and to the ERC Corporate Office for donating post-race food and fuel (bagels, bananas, orange slices, Gatorade, etc.). Thanks Ernie Wu, Kenny Frame and Michele Armstrong!

Take a look at the Super Caleb 5K/1Mile RunWalk video highlights below:


A Heart-Felt Thank You to all from Brittany Raulerson (Caleb’s Aunt) was posted on the SuperCaleb Facebook site:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to shine some light on Team Caleb (that’s right….you guys!) This post is for all of the people who helped make this past weekend so amazing for not only Caleb, but also for our entire family. We were and still are completely overwhelmed and humbled by the huge amount of support shown to us at the Super Caleb 5K race this past Saturday. To witness and feel the amount of love y’all have for our Caleb was incredible! Also, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated in his name and to those who helped to make this race so successful! You all are so generous, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! He is still talking about “his race” and how cool it was! I know that day will always be a very special memory to all of us.” – Brittany Raulerson!/SuperCaleb11

It was a wonderful event, and we feel blessed to work for ERC, a company that cares for their employees, their families, friends, and the communities in which we live, work and play.