Thank you to the ERC Family…and just look at that face today!

I want to thank all the folks from our ERC family that held my four year old grandson, Caleb, in their hearts and prayers while he underwent his treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS).    After the 5K benefit race in December which ERC provided the finish line snacks and drinks for, not to mention the large number of ERC/TOSC folks that were participating, an article on the blog which led many of our extended family to follow Caleb’s battle on his Facebook page, SuperCaleb.   Since that time, he has completed his treatments and has had very promising scans showing him to be ‘cancer-free’.   He’s pretty much returned to a normal life and putting back the weight he had lost.  My daughter’s family would not have made it through all this without the help and wishes from the hundreds of folks that provided encouragement, advice, and prayers.   The ERC corporate office phoned me on a regular basis for updates and to ask what they could do.  In my experience, that just doesn’t happen.   Thanks all and so happy to be in the ERC family.

Brett Raulerson


Caleb during treatment (L) and today (R)!