TOSC 2015 Relay for Life

Article by Mary Banasik



What a glorious weekend for Relay in Titusville, FL this past May 2nd & 3rd!! J Prayers were well answered with sunny skies and low humidity alongside the high in the low 80”s, the JCARES4EVER Relay team was out in full force. After months of fundraising putting on numerous lunches (total of 6), baked good sales and drawings and even ice cream socials we were able to surpass Gary Lewis Luminary_2 (130)our fundraising goal of $10,000! Kudos to all our ERC employees at KSC for all their help and support in helping the JCARES4EVER Team raise just over $12,000 to help the American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer (a whopping $5,000 more than last year!!!!). Cancer does not discriminate, it affects all segments of society, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, what color your skin is, what religious affiliations you have or where you live, everyone knows someone or has a loved one who is or was affected by cancer. The American Cancer Society does a great job in helping to educate America about prevention of cancer, and what steps to take to help in dropping certain cancer rates. They are a great advocate for someone just being diagnosed with cancer and they help in transportation to and from doctor’s appointments and cancer treatments when needed.

ERC Tent_1 (88)

The Theme of this year’s Relay was “Amazing Race” and JCARES4EVER Team chose “America’s Spaceport” as our team theme. ERC team mate, Myhra Tubridy dressed out as own astronaut to help support our team theme and our Box Car was a huge success. Team JCARES4EVER consisted of 55 team members with 26 of them coming from ERC team mates and families. In addition, ERC sponsored the Luminaria Program for the 2nd year in a row and this year ERC did a fantastic job manning the Luminaria Tent in its entirety.   All-in-all a great time was had by all while supporting the American Cancer Society’s goal of stamping out cancer and celebrating more Birthday’s.  jCaresRelayShirtBack (2)