TOSC Employees help TN fire victims

The ERC family had several personal connections to the wildfires that ravaged the Gatlinburg area at the end of last November.  Mark Sortman, ERC employee at TOSC, has a home there.  Once all the smoke had cleared, Mark realized that out of the 23 homes in his area, only his home and one other survived.

To help his neighbors, Mark and Henry Riley (Jacobs at TOSC) organized a clothing drive at KSC for the fire victims.  The generous work force at Kennedy collected approximately 19 large boxes of clothing, shoes, coats, sweaters, etc. weighing about 40 lbs = 760 lbs of total clothing weight.  The donations were delivered to the Red Cross and 2 shelters.

This clothing drive is such a great example of our people coming together to support the communities where we live, work, and play.